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Many schools from around the Twin Lakes Region and the state of Arkansas come and visit the Norfork National Fish Hatchery each year to enjoy a day dedicated to the outdoors and trout.   Last year, 15 schools visited the hatchery to spend a fun filled day with the staff of the hatchery and volunteers from our friends group.   These children get the opportunity to learn about a number of things including classes on fish biology, fish habitat, conservation efforts, fly tying and fishing in general.  


The school field trips that the hatchery hosts are always a hit with not only the children, but also the school staff and the volunteers helping out.   Usually, once the children arrive to the Hatchery by bus, they are placed in small groups that rotate to different stations throughout the day where lessons and interactive fun awaits them.   The children learn how a trout is raised, fed and cared for from sac fry egg and incubation to how they are finally released into the waters.   They learn about the biology of a trout, the type of water and habitat that is best for trout and ultimately they learn how to not only tie a fishing fly that can catch a fish but get the opportunity to use that fly to go to Dry Run Creek and catch fish.   Lunch is usually provided for the school during the middle of the day as kids work from station to station.    


If you would like to bring your school to the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, give the staff at the hatchery some advanced notice and they can accomodate a game plan designed specifically for your age group of children.   The Norfork National Fish Hatchery can be reached at 870-499-5255.  We look forward to helping your children learn more about the great outdoors and Arkansas trout.       

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